A  three year Diploma which will  go in depth of selected subjects such as  for those who cannot give the time required for the 6 ear darse nizami course. Subjects include:

  • Complete tafseer of the quran 
  • Hadith
  • Fiqh
  • Arabic grammer 
  • Tarikh ul Islam
  • Tajweed

Course fee: 2000 RPS/month

A short description of the course:
  • Classes will be on Zoom (link available on website) and will be recorded and available on the website
  • Monday-Thursday from 10Am to 1pm (PAK time). 
  • Admissions open
  • Classes will start June 24
  • Exams will be taken in the end of the course and will receive a certificate 
  • For registration and other inquiries, please contact : +923028855406